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Universal-Messumformer mit  Ethernet-Schnittstelle



Here you'll find general information about the measuring transducers. 

Der Messumformer F-MU dient zur Umformung und Trennung einer Frequenz in ein eingeprägtes Gleichstrom- und Gleichspannungssignal.


Network variables

Here you'll find our products to the network variables.

Messumformer für Strom und Spannung (True RMS) für Anlagen bis 1000 V (CAT III)


Direct current variables

Here you'll find our products to the direct current variables.

Messumformer für Prozessgrößen parametrierbar per USB


Process variables

Here you'll find our products to the process variables.

Messumformer zur Summenbildung (Typ: Sum-MU)


Summation variables

Here you'll find our products to the  summation variables.


Options for measuring transducers


Measuring transducers

for versatile and reliable use in the creation of modern switching and control systems.
Our transducers are used for the capture, conversion, amplification and galvanic isolation of a wide range of measurement signals in high-voltage and process engineering. The input variables are converted into proportional analog output signals and can therefore be transmitted over long distances without line losses and be post-processed digitally by PCs or SPS.Frequency outputs and pulse outputs are also possible. The universal measuring transducers are fitted with Ethernet LAN interface with TCP/IP and ModbusTCP protocol.